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travel partner.
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The first guide created for children traveling around Romania

Plăiuț is the first travel guide created for children and those still young at heart. It is a book dedicated to those that turn every journey outside their home into a cultural treasure hunt, to those that are bold, kind, and loving, those who dream big and are always curious, and to those who wish to discover the truly beautiful Romania.

Why are nature reserves important? How was the Voroneț shade of blue made? Which is the merriest place in Romania? Who really lives at Bran Castle? Which is the dominant architectural style in Oradea? Traveling around Romania, the little explorers will find answers to unexpected questions that never crossed your mind.

Between its pages, this guide brings together Constantin Brâncuși, Dracula, Greta Thunberg, Neil Armstrong, the Latin poet Ovid, Queen Mary of Romania and many others.

How did they end up together in these fantastic lands? Well, you will have to read the book thought very carefully.

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fantastic destinations

You will see that, in order to make great discoveries, you don't need to go too far from home.

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historical regions

From the sea to the mountains, from north to south, from cities to villages, Romania has many stories to tell and secrets to unravel.

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creative activities

A new way to see the world, of discovering nature, places, people, and new hobbies.

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travel partner

Plăiuț is more than a travel guide, it is a new travel partner you can count on in any new adventure you wish to embark on.

claudia ciontu autoare

About the author

Claudia Ciontu is 27, she was born in Craiova and currently lives in Bucharest. She was raised by her grand parents in the countryside, where she was teached respect and love for animals, nature and people. There is where she truly enjoyed freedom to play and let her imagination run wild.. Today, she finds her inspiration in travels and photography.

Diana Barbu Illustration

About the illustrator

Diana Barbu is a curious and self-taught illustrator who lives and works in Târgu Jiu. Romania.
The 50's aesthetics, exotic plants, aquatic life, glasshouses, warm lands as well as small daily life moments have a strong influence on her artistic work.