About the author

claudia ciontu autoare

Claudia Ciontu is 27 years old, was born in Craiova but currently lives in Bucharest. She was raised by her grandparents in the countryside, where she was taught was creativity is as well as to respect the animals, nature, and people. She enjoyed lots of freedom to play and let her imagination run wild – from short sketches to designing and sewing clothes for her organic, corn-made dolls and choreographies for the hottest songs of the time.

Claudia studies Political Science in Bucharest and Bologna, then Intercultural Communication at the UNESCO Chair within the University of Bucharest. She has traveled a lot to volunteer, as Romania’s representative to forums and international events, for studies and work alike, but most importantly, to find new perspectives and understandings of the world nowadays.

She worked with children for the first time during high school, as a volunteer for Save the Children Romania. As a student, Claudia participated in simulations of the European Parliament, while later she enrolled in NGOs promoting UN values among young people, the right to education, and fighting violence against women. She wished to lend a helping hand anywhere was needed and in 2016 she left for two months to work with children from disadvantaged areas of Morocco.

Claudia has gained a rich experience in communication and is passionate about reading, photography, and, of course, traveling. That is why she gathered in this book everything she believes any child should discover about Romania in order to become a responsible,  understanding, and caring adult.