Bucharest – a little map of the big city

50,00 lei

Pre-order between January 31 and February 8. Deliveries are to begin on February 9.

This is a project created with love and care for the city that adopted us.

Today, Bucharest may seem too crowded and busy, but its charm lies in the details, in the stories and tales that monuments, squares, museums, and people can tell.

We invite you to enjoy the romantic history of Romania’s biggest city by exploring 16 of its most famous landmarks. The map will reveal the true beauty of Bucharest, built as a gate between the East and the West, and the surprising past of what was once known as “the Little Paris”.



Author: Claudia Ciontu

Illustrator: Bilyana Velikova

Map dimensions: 60 x 44 cm

Box dimensions: 10 x 22 cm

ISBN: 978-973-0-37847-4

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