Plăiuț – Pocket guide for fantastic journeys around Romania

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The first travel guide created for children and those still young at heart. It is a book dedicated to those that turn every journey outside their home into a cultural treasure hunt, to those that are bold, kind, and loving, those who dream bing and are always curious, and to those who wish to discover the truly beautiful Romania.

Why are nature reserves important? How was the Voroneț shade of blue made? Which is the merriest place in Romania? Who really lives at Bran Castle? Which is the dominant architectural style in Oradea? Traveling around Romania, the little explorer will find answers to unexpected questions that never crossed your mind.

Between its pages, this guide brings together Constantin Brâncuși, Dracula, Greta Thunberg, Neil Armstrong, the Latin poet Ovid, Queen Mary of Romania and many others.

How did they end up together in these fantastic lands? Well, you will have to read the book though very carefully.


Thank you for joining us on this journey!



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Dimensions: 165 x 229 mm

Number of pages: 96

Cover: hardcover

ISBN: 978-973-0-35476-8